An unprecedented training

By joining the MBA in forensics, which will be open every other year, you will be taking part in a unique professional training programme that only the Pôle Judiciaire de la Gendarmerie Nationale can offer as a world premiere.

The objective of the 400 hours-long programme, spread over 18 weeks, is to enable students to become aware of the issues related to trace analysis but also to deploy, for the benefit of their organisation, a real managerial and technical competence in the exploitation of traces. Whether you are a scientist, a team leader or the director of an organisation, yesterday’s trace will let you light the way to tomorrow.

To learn more about the modules, please consult our detailed training programme.

A science of the future

Forensics is a rapidly expanding economic field that represented a global market of 22 billion euros in 2022, with a projection of 40 billion for 2027.

In a world where information is protean (digital, chemical, biometric etc.), ubiquitous and often fragmented, the ability to identify, collect, process, exploit and interpret it according to a proven and certified method is becoming a key skill for the service and industry sector as well as for the security, health and laboratory analysis sectors.

With a sustained growth rate in terms of employability (projection of +16% by 2030), forensic science skills are already recognised as an added value by employers both in terms of technical management skills for laboratories, connected objects or computer networks, and in the management of atypical organisations employing high-level experts (doctors, engineers, research and development managers etc.).

A campus of international excellence

The PJGN is located 30 km from Paris and brings together 540 staff, including experts of criminalistics from the criminal research institute (IRCGN) and criminology experts from the central criminal intelligence service (SCRCGN). It provides its staff with an artificial intelligence centre and 27,000 m² of laboratories and offices.

Working alongside the major players in international research, such as the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI), it contributes to the training of other European internal security forces and has a unique operational projection capability, enabling it to intervene in external operations and provide assistance to various international jurisdictions in the context of war crimes.

Backed by operational experience in scientific and technical analysis, paired with its military rigour, the PJGN has developed a unique expertise in forensic science that it would like to pass on through this brand new MBA.